What Is The Best PCB Design Software Available In The Market?

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Developing PCB design is the first step in the PCB manufacturing process. Therefore, ensuring that you have a good and workable design is essential. The importance of design in the PCB manufacturing process ensures that the PCB software plays a crucial role in designing. Furthermore, the PCB design software helps create a blueprint for manufacturers to use in the PCB production process. Below are some of the best PCB design software available.

Eight best PCB design software available in the market

1. KiCad EDA

One of the best benefits of KiCad EDA design software is that it does not limit electronic engineers in creating designs. The software is a cross-platform and open-source design suite. It contains a 3D viewer, schematic capture, electronic automation, and PCB layout. One of the best things about the KiCad software is that it is best used to inspect designs and create a professional annotation. The software ensures one can quickly establish a board layout. 

2. Altium Designer

Currently, Altium designer is among the top popular design software in the market. The software allows for all electronics engineers to connect with every aspect of the PCB design process effortlessly. It also allows for one to simulate the circuit board. Altium designer plays a vital role in ensuring that all the elements involved in PCB design processes are attained and that one understands their design better. Furthermore, the software is user-friendly.

3. Autodesk eagle

Autodesk eagle is among the best PCB design software available in the market. It has a schematic editor whose purpose is to design PCB layout and circuit diagrams.

4. Solidworks PCB

Solidworks PCB utilizes a powerful technology that makes the designing process quite easy and fast. Furthermore, the software is best used for electronic design. One of the elements of Solidworks PCB is the bidirectional on-demand mixing. Moreover, it ensures a good working relationship between CAD design and PCB. Good CAD design and PCB is crucial in ensuring electronic product design success.

5. PCB Artists

PCB Artist is a very reliable software tool. Furthermore, it is best used for intuitive solutions. In recent years, PCB artists’ popularity has grown tremendously. The rise in popularity can be due to their reliability and trustworthiness.

6. Fritzing

Fritzing is almost similar to KiCad; it is an open-source stage meant for electronics learning. Furthermore, the tool is very easy to use. It also allows for PCB design viewing.

7. XCircuit

XCircuit is an electronic design automation (EDA) tool and a presentation (schematic capture) program. The best advantage of using this software is that it will ensure you obtain the best diagrams of an electrical schematic circuit; therefore, making it a crucial part of PCB designing. In short, XCircuit ensures that you obtain circuit drawings through the schematic capture.

8. Diptrace

Diptrace ensures that you can obtain; shape-based autoroute, small manual routing, and board design. One of the best advantages of Diptrace is its excellent abilities that ensure it is effortless to use. It is suitable software for electrical engineers. Some of its features include; schematic annotation and conversion of the circuit to board.


Many PCB design software is available in the market. The process of selecting one can be a daunting task. Thus, it is crucial to know which is the best and powerful software in the market. Furthermore, the best PCB design software will ensure you get the best design possible for your PCB layout. 

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