Learn About the EN 10219 S235JRH Steel Grade and Its Designation

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Deciphering the codes and symbols used to characterise the properties and characteristics of different types of steel is crucial when dealing with steel grades and designations. Important in the field of steel pipes is the designation EN 10219 S235JRH. This article’ll dissect this designation and see what clues it provides about the steel’s make-up and application. Check out the EN10219 S235JRH steel pipe by clicking on the link.

Breaking Down the EN 10219 S235JRH Designation

  • EN 10219: The designation begins with “EN 10219,” which is the European Standard for cold-formed welded structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steels. These hollow sections must have specific mechanical and chemical properties, and this standard specifies those conditions under which they must be delivered to the end user.
  • S235JRH: This part of the designation tells you all you need to know about the steel grade in question. How about we dissect it even further?
  • S: The capital letter “S” stands for “structural steel.” Steel with this marking is primarily destined for structural uses in the building and engineering industries.
  • 235: The numerical value “235” represents the minimum specified yield strength of the steel in megapascals (MPa). S235JRH steel has a minimum yield strength of 235 MPa.
  • JRH: The letters “JR” indicate that the steel has specified impact properties at room temperature. For example, “J” is followed by “RH,” which stands for “room temperature” and “-20°C” impact properties. The steel is built to withstand impact loads at both room temperature and lower temperatures.

Reasons to Use EN 10219 S235JRH Steel

Because of its many useful qualities, the EN 10219 S235JRH steel grade is used in many fields. The steel’s versatility is due to its ability to withstand impact while being strong and malleable.

  • When building bridges, S235JRH steel pipes are frequently used because of their strength and resilience under a wide range of loads and weather conditions.
  • S235JRH steel is commonly used for this purpose in the construction industry. Because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, architects and engineers can use it to create structures that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Manufacturing Facilities Because of its high strength and durability, steel is frequently used in manufacturing facilities and other industrial structures.
  • S235JRH steel’s resistance to mechanical stresses and impacts makes it an indispensable material in mechanical engineering systems, where it is used for everything from machinery components to equipment supports.


The designation of EN 10219 S235JRH steel grade reveals important information about the steel’s chemical makeup, physical characteristics, and potential uses. S235JRH is a structural steel that is ideal for a wide variety of building and mechanical engineering projects due to its combination of strength and toughness. The uniform naming system guarantees that the steel will always perform to the standards necessary for its intended application. The EN 10219 S235JRH steel grade is indispensable in the creation of our contemporary infrastructure, be it a bridge, a building frame, a factory structure, or a mechanical system.

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