Two Types Of Feed Mixers And How They Work

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A feed mixer is a device used in feed mills to mix feed ingredients and premies. A feed mixer plays a significant role in the production process. This is because efficient mixing is the key to the best feed production. Failure to mix feed properly, the ingredients and nutrients will not be distributed correctly. Therefore, when the time comes to palletize and extrude the feed, the product will not be of excellent quality. Getting a good feed mixer is therefore mandatory. You can get an ideal horizontal feed mixer for sale on In this post, we discuss the feed mixer types. 

Types of feed mixers

Feed mixers are categorized depending on their design. Below are the two main types of feed mixers on the market;

a. Horizontal mixers

These are the most popular type of feed mixers, and they feature a horizontal tub that contains a shaft in its center. The role of the shaft is to assist with the mixing of the ingredients or elements. This component is driven using a flywheel on a motor. In some designs, a belt is used instead of a chain. A gear reducing agent is applied to step down the drive motor shaft. Horizontal mixers are also made up of blades. The role of the blades is to move the materials or ingredients from one end of the mixer to the next. As this process occurs, the product tumbles.

Horizontal mixers are the best type for blending up to 8% liquids. This is because they are more versatile in cases where a wide range of rations are applied to the feed mill unit. For the device to function at its best, you have to warm the fats and molasses before adding raw materials into the mixer. This means that the raw materials will be the last thing to go into the machine.

Compared to its counterpart, which will be discussed below, the horizontal feed mixer is the faster alternative. It can also achieve three simultaneous mixing or blending tasks at the same time. However, this element makes them more costly than the latter.

b. Vertical mixers

Vertical mixers are the oldest type of feed mixers on the market. However, they are becoming obsolete as horizontal mixers replace them. Regardless, some people still prefer this type over the modern alternative. This is mainly because they are cheaper. These feed mixers are highly efficient in blending liquids in small quantities. They are also applied in the mixing of different particle sizes of raw materials.

They have a vertical mixing tub and one or two screws. Note, the feed is mixed at the center auger. The machines feature a slow mixing action. The most important thing to note about these mixers is that they use the center auger concept. Vertical mixers are commonly used in small livestock feed mills, aquaculture, fish, and poultry feeds.

Final word

The horizontal type is the better option for modern applications between the two types of feed mixers mentioned above. However, vertical mixers are not entirely useless. They have their benefits, and they can be applied in specific industries and applications.

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