Top 3 Best Slicer Software In 3D Printing Technology

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3D Printing

In the world of 3D printing technology, there is a process that easily ignites the innovation of different tools. You might have heard of the 3D model technology and the printer too. But there are a few instrumental pieces that can get summed up between the two points. A 3D printing slicer software serves as the middle man between the model and the printer.

The device, also known as slicing software, is our main topic of discussion in this blog post. The slicer is used in converting the model into layers while producing a file with a G-code tailored into a particular type of printer. At the same time, it is used to divide the object into a broad range of layers while describing the elements as the extruder’s linear elements. So what are the best slicer software on the market?

  • Octo Print

Octo Print is one of the coolest slicers on the market. It plays a significant role in the organization of your 3D printer. It permits you to manage and check different tasks from the internet browser successfully. You can also utilize it in portable gadgets. As such, the application is usually installed onto a Raspberry Pi.

After that, you can easily prolong as a viable example using a webcam coupled with different types of plugins. That way, the 3D printing work will be loaded into the printer without moving the SD cards.

3D Printing
  • MakerBot Print

This is the second-best slicer in our list of choices. This software is in the line of different printers, and unlike the general 3D slicer softwares that vividly cater to different printers, this is more specific when it comes to delivery. The MakerBot print has an algorithm that readjusts various piece setups for your 3D printer setting and the type of extruder.  The designers incorporated into the device a nifty function that serves the right purpose when preparing a collection of different parts. That way, it is going to mesh up through different construct plates.

For that reason, you can always gain access to it and print Thingiverse items from the program. Besides, this program has an OctoPrint. You can use it to track and manage your printer via a reliable webcam, which is often constructed into the printer. What is the one fantastic feature that this device has? The print can give you top quality. Starters will enjoy the convenience of using this machine.

  • IdeaMaker

The IdeaMaker slicing device was created and designed by the manufacturers of Raise3D. This machine got developed for Raise3D printers. It is free of charge and has been developed to suit the demands of the user. The slicer focuses explicitly on providing user-friendly services and other products. In just four clicks, you will be better placed to prepare STL, 3MF, as well as OBJ files, which can be printed. At the same time, if you aspire to have advanced features in your products, the software should provide you with limitless customization.

3D Printing


You may find it challenging to select the right slicer software. But if you read this blog post, you will realize that it does not have to be that daunting of a task because we have chosen the best slicers you should consider having on the market.

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